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The growing need for "industry ready" personnel and for continuous learning in industry has led nexegen consultancy services to establish a training academy in calicut .At nexegen, we guarantee the quality of our industry-oriented programs with a 100% placement assistance guranteed. State of the art infrastructure and personal guidance by quality instructors makes the software training at nexegen better than the best. To make our training utmost effective from an IT/software career point of view, nexegen has devised its software training programs in tune with the pulse of the market. The software curriculum changes on a rotating basis with Java and .Net programs arranged alternately. Students are made to work on live software projects with proper guidance to make them fit for a highflying career in IT/software.nexegen understand the value of soft-skills, and hence, take care of the students’ all around development. Special training is imparted to improve basic communication skills, time management, professional approach and behavior etc. Perfect technical understanding coupled with essential soft-skills help students from nexegen to compete successfully in a global scenario.nexegen will initially focus on the following courses, which demand the highest levels of teaching and training excellence.
Why Choose nexegen ?
  1. Great Instructors.
  2. We don't cancel classes due to low enrollment.
  3. Course availability. Our advanced scheduling algorithm ensures that the class is available the dates you need.
  4. Great prices. We'll match any competitor's published price.
  5. Small class sizes. Our public workshops are typically between 1 and 4 students
  6. Location. If you need to travel for training, why not travel to Calicut city,
     where the sun always shines!
The nexegen Scheduling Algorithm
If you look at our web site, it would appear that we are conducting every workshop, every week. This isn't actually the case. We are, however, offering most workshops nearly every week. This is possible because we use a special scheduling algorithm. The algorithm programmatically examines each instructor's availability. It also looks at the list of workshops the instructor is qualified to teach. As soon as one person signs up for a class, the instructor's schedule is adjusted accordingly.

We often ask the question: "Why did you choose nexegen?". Our favorite answer is: "Because nexegen has the best instructors on the planet" :) But another common answer is: "Because your workshop dates fit our schedule." That's what inspired us to create our super-duper, instructor-matching, scheduling algorithm.

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