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Technical Support Process
Level 1 Support is served by nexegens technicians, who respond to customer`s queries through their general knowledge and the information documented in our Knowledgebase.
Problems solved by Level 1 Support could be described as "common/known questions/issues"

Level 2 Support is served by nexegens engineers.  The problems that have not been resolved by Level 1 Support (those for which there is no prior known answer ), are transferred to this level.

The task of Level 2 specialists are to reproduce the problem, describe it and, if possible, resolve it through settings adjustments.

If Level 2 Engineers does not fix the problem, or in cases where the issue may require high skills and experience, the problem is escalated to Level 3 engineers.

Level 3 Support is served by a group of escalating seniority, which includes experienced engineers, highly dedicated to the solution of customer`s problems.

They got the description of the problem from Level 2 Support and then initiate the process of completely eliminating conditions that may have caused the error .

Throughout this process, the nexegen Technical Support team is in constant contact with the customer.

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