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Transcending Linguistic Barriers with the Top Quality Software Localization, Internationalization, and DTP Services
Building on our software development, QA, as well as world-wide distributed project management knowledge and experience, we provide Internationalization (i18N), Localization (L10N), and DTP services which are geared towards the clients in diverse verticals range: Finance, Automotive, CGS, Software and Technology, among others. Committed to delivering excellent quality services, we ensure the final deliverable, besides being flawless functionally, observe the linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the client's target audience.
All stages of the software localization project flow are supported through special terminology management and translation tools, further backed-up with the relevant localization methods, as well as the necessary hardware with required platforms, configurations and locales installed, enabling us to render high-quality and secure software localization services using all major European, bi-directional and double-byte languages.
Our DTP specialists have extensive experience in adapting the layout of the multilingual documents and solving localized documentation issues such as character sets, code pages, fonts, operating systems, color, graphics formats, etc. The CAT tools and methodological QA procedures we employ are designed to facilitate the translation and localization verification processes. nexegen state-of-the-art QA Laboratory is continuously equipped with the advanced hardware and software to provide:
  Locale Testing
  Artifacts/Resources Usage
  Truncation/Dead-space Testing
  Functional Regression Testing
  Installation Testing
  Linguistic Testing
  Online Help System Testing
Our Quality Management System complies with the International standard, while our software engineering process is Internationally accepted, ensuring your satisfaction from timely delivery of top quality services:
  Software Internationalization
  Software Localization
  Documentation and Online Help translation and DTP
We are proud to engage highly qualified staff for all the key project stages :
  Native speaking translators
  Localization engineers
  Software developers
  DTP engineers
  QA engineers
  Project manager experienced in complex multilingual projects
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