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Where Loyalty matters

The retailing industry is the world’s biggest industry in terms of sales and turnover, and that industry is continuously innovating and expanding to reach out to the target customer. It has always seen IT investments as a catalyst for competitive differentiation, enhanced workforce productivity, and improved customer service.
Because of key drivers such as increasing multi-channel shopping, shaky consumer confidence, and intensified competition, retailers are now focused on new IT projects that support a mix of cost-cutting necessities and growth-oriented innovations. These new big-scope initiatives center on technologies - such as data integration, business intelligence (BI), portals, and POS upgrades - which enable data visibility across processes and channels. These new projects also lay the foundation for additional investments in more cutting-edge technologies, such as in-store kiosks and handhelds, RFID, and merchandizing planning tools.

nexegen technologies  has identified this industry vertical as a major focus area for software and business services and we have all the ingredients to become your preferred partner for IT consulting, projects, and services. Our philosophy of honoring all your operational constraints, while delivering great service, provides a definite competitive advantage to your business.

The Retail SDK (Software Development Kit) developed by Hanu Software, helps you migrate your legacy applications to new platforms like .NET quickly and efficiently in order to generate better business values.

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