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Establishing a Contact
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Establishing a Contact
The diagram below depicts the main steps followed in the four stages of our outsourcing process- Establishing Contact, Requirement Gathering, Development and Maintenance.
Legal and Financial Considerations
We make every effort to ensure that your project remains secure and confidential. All payments are made only after you approve of the milestone and its deliverables.
Non Disclosure Agreement - To ensure confidentiality, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Additionally, project details are available only to the team members who are involved in the specific project. All employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements with nexegen Consultancy Services.
Services Contract - Before the commencement of the project, we sign a Services Contract that details the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, pricing and delivery schedule of the projects. All payments are milestone based and made after you approve of the milestone and its deliverables.
Our Communication Methodology
Our experience over the years has helped us understand the decisive role played by clear communication to ensure the success of an outsourced project. Very often, misunderstandings due to poor communication between the customer and the provider have caused the failure of many an outsourced project.
At nexegen, we are also aware of communication errors due to cultural differences. This is where we use our vast experience with American and British customers to avoid cultural gaps in communication.
We also use various tools to facilitate clear, unhindered one-on-one interaction with our customers. Some of the utilities we use to ensure effective communication and information flow through the project lifecycle include -
  • Basecamp - An online project management tool, Basecamp allows you to remain up-to-date on the developments in the progress of your project. This increases the amount of control you can exercise on the progress of your custom software development project. 
  • Skype - For all one-on-one communication, we use instant messenger or Skype, to make it easier for you to voice any concerns or clarifications in real time. We also use Skype for online conference calls with our customers. 
  •   Web Ex - For projects that require customer walkthroughs, we use Web Ex, an online conferencing software. 
  • Documentation - We document the minutes of all meetings and share them with all stakeholders involved.
We also ensure that during the course of the project, you have:

A Single point of Contact - The project manager assigned to your software development project will serve as your single point of contact for all communication.

Escalation Procedure - We also ensure that we provide you with a clear procedure, should any need arise to escalate issues.

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